Crying’ Virgin Mary statue with tears ‘flowing’ down her cheeks stuns churchgoers


Was this a true miracle — or just a religious sob story? 

Church-goers in Mexico claimed to have witnessed a miracle after spotting a statue of the Virgin Mary that appeared to have real tears rolling down her cheeks.

Accompanying footage shows the statue, named the Virgin of Dolores, encased in glass, with a water droplet seemingly emerging from the statue’s eye and running down her face.

Mary reportedly drew throngs of skeptics and believers alike, with many pilgrims claiming that it was a sign from God.

“So, a couple of tears started flowing,” cry-witness Víctor Ramos told CEN of the alleged “phenomenon,” which occurred at a church in the town of El Chanal, located in the state of Colima and north of the capital city with that same name. 

“Similarly, when we cry, and our eyes become red, the same happens to the image,” Ramos further insisted of the alleged divine sob session.


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