Micheal Jackson Appears On Instagram Live 11 Years After Death (FULL VlDEO)


Sergio Cortes did a live video today on Instagram to keep the King of Pop’s
legacy alive.

Sergio Cortes is A Micheal Jackson impersonator from Barcelona in spain. He allegedly spent a whopping sum of $300,000 to look exactly like Michael Jackson.

He looks so much like the late Micheal Jackson (MJ), that he was called upon to engage the media and press while Micheal Jackson was getting married to Lisa Marie Presley in 1994

Sergio has been a fan of Micheal Jackson since the age of 16, and he made sure that the legacy of Micheal Jackson lived on. He still goes for shows.

He was given Micheal Jackson’s social media accounts so he can upload pictures of himself posing as the King of Pop to keep the legacy.


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